AP School Education Department Issues Guidelines For Teacher's Transfer

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Andhra Pradesh state government on Monday issued orders finalising guidelines for the  transfers of teachers in the state. Grade-2 headmasters, school assistants, secondary grade teachers and teachers of similar categories will receive transfer orders. The Chief Secretary of the School Education Department B. Rajasekhar released GO - 54. In addition, the government has issued GO-53 regarding the adjustment process of teachers in the respective schools. Through web counseling, transfers will be made. Following the issuance of these orders, the school education commissioner will release the schedule.

Transfers will be compulsory for the teachers who have completed eight years of service by the end of the 2019–20 academic year and Grade‌-2 headmasters who have completed 5 years of services.
- Those who are going to retire in one to two years will not have a transfer unless they want to.
- Transfer to males under the age of 50 working in girls' schools is mandatory.
- Blind teachers are excluded from transfers. If they want to change they will be transferred.  
- A total of 85 entitlement points have been finalised for transfers of teachers. 55 under common points, 25 under special points, and 5 under re-opportunity points.
- Under preferential categories, divorcees and widowers are given priority based on seniority, irrespective of the entitlement points.
- Disciplinary action will be taken against those who issue false credentials without examining the orders.   
- No work ‌no pay will be implemented for anyone who is unofficially absent after receiving orders.

Based on the strength of the children, the number of teachers in each category have been finalised. If a primary school has 151 to 200 students then there will be one Head Master and 5 SGTs and if a school has 121–150 students then five SGTs, 91–120 students - 4 SGTs, 61-90 students - 3 SGTs and 60 students - 2 SGTs.

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