AP: Several Project Gates Lifted As Lanka Villages Face Flood Threat

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Vijayawada: As heavy rains continue to lash the Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the last 24 hours due to an intense low pressure over coastal areas of northwest Bay of Bengal, several rivers in both the states are in full spate. Due to heavy rains in the catchment areas in Upper Godavari basin, Krishna, Godavari and Vamsadhara rivers are receiving heavy inflows threatening the flood situation in island villages called lanka villages in parts of West Godavari district. 

With continuous inflow of flood water in the Godavari river, authorities have lifted the 10 crest gates of Srisailam project up to a height of 15 feet and 4.21 lakh cusecs of flood water is being released to Nagarjuna Sagar downstream. The water stood at Nagarjunasagar at 583 feet, against the full reservoir level of 590 feet.

Six crest gates of Nagarjuna Sagar have been lifted to release the water downstream while the officials have opened all 70 crest gates of Prakasam Barrage and released flood water of more than 71,900 cusecs into sea by 12 noon on August 11. To maintain the crest level at 12 feet, the officials discharged the surplus water into the canals.

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Meanwhile, officials have said that as a huge outflow is being discharged into the sea through the Pulichintala and Prakasam barrages, therefore, people living into the vicinity must not venture into the river until further notice. 

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