AP Land ReSurvey Will End Land Record Tampering And Corruption

 - Sakshi Post

YSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy said that the comprehensive land resurvey is going to start in Andhra Pradesh from December 21. He took to his Twitter and announced that this land survey will keep an end to land record tampering and corruption. 

His tweet reads as,  "The ambitious and much needed Comprehensive Land Resurvey to begin on 21 Dec in AP. All land title issues will be resolved and this will put an end to land record tampering and corruption. Best available technology and practices are being used to ensure accuracy." Here is the tweet made by Vijayasai Reddy.

Andhra Pradesh state government has exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Survey of India (SoI) for taking up the land resurvey christened 'YSR Jagananna Saswath Bhoo Hakku-Bhoo Raksha Pathakam'.

AP Chief Minister YS Jagan said that the comprehensive land survey is being conducted for the first time in the country after almost 100 years and it would benefit the people. He further added that the measurements will be highly accurate, with a minimum error rate of 2 cm.

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