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AMARAVATI: The State Election Commission (SEC) has once again faced a setback in the Andhra Pradesh High Court regarding the unanimous elections of the MPTC and ZPTC winners. The High Court on Tuesday, directed the SEC to declare immediately the MPTC and ZPTC winners who were unanimously elected to this extent.

In a hearing held last week the SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh told the High Court that they had the power to postpone, cancel, and reschedule elections in line with the Central Election Commission. He said the SEC has the power to intervene impartially in case of irregularities in the election process. He said that the 126 ZPTCs and 2,406 unanimous results were extraordinary compared to the previous year.

In a 657-page counter, Nimmagadda referred to nearly 25 judgements given by the courts on various occasions, without mentioning about Form-10 (the document issued by the Returning Officer declaring that the candidate was unanimously elected) which was mainly mentioned by the petitioners.

In Tuesday's hearing over the petition filed against the MPTC and ZPTC election unanimous elections, the High Court struck down the SEC orders and directed him to formally declare the results.

As per the High Court orders, the SEC officially announced the 126 ZPTC and 2,406 MPTC winners. As of now, 526 ZPTC seats and 7,287 MPTC seats will go to polls. The withdrawal of nominations ended at 3 PM on Saturday.

The SEC announced the unanimous winners and the places where the polls have to be conducted on Sunday.

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