AP Govt to Strengthen ITDRs For Vehicle Driving

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The Central and State Governments are jointly setting up the Institute of Driving Training and Traffic Research. ITDR construction work started in AP in 2016.

Prakasam: The state administration has expedited the construction of road safety infrastructure. As a result, the government has decided to establish two more 'Institute of Driving Training and Traffic Research' (ITDR) to provide comprehensive driving training. 

The facilities would be located in Kurnool's Dhone district and Vizianagaram's Rajapulova district. With the completion of the first phase of ITDR in Zilla Darsi, Prakasam began operations. The Central Surface Transport Agency, the National Highways Authority, and the State Government collaborated to develop these.

A non-profit organization, in collaboration with any business organization or non-governmental group, forms the Society. ITDR Darsi was founded by a society in collaboration with Maruti. ITDR was recently sanctioned in the Dhone and given preliminary approval to open in Rajapulova. Official orders will be released in the near future.

The Central Government has approved Rs. 18 crores for each of the training facilities that the Society is establishing in collaboration with Ashok Leyland Company. Each ITDR will receive ten acres of land from the state government. For the Dhone ITDR, land has already been selected. Officials from the Department of Transportation will inspect them next week. Officials would then review the available lands in Rajapulova with the Vizianagaram district officials.

Each of the two ITDRs can annually educate roughly 10,000 drivers. In both the public and private sectors, orientation sessions are held for new and experienced drivers. These facilities provide the essential infrastructure for scientific driving training.

A variety of vehicles from various categories are offered. Stimulators for cars and heavy vehicles have been installed. Computerized classes are available. A workshop, engine room, electric display room, library, canteen, and other amenities are available. For driving training, two, four, and six-lane roads, parking lots, three-point, and five-point turn roads, and so on will be built.

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