AP Govt Keen on Strengthening Infrastructure Facilities in Agriculture and Allied Sectors

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Amaravati: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a review meeting on projects regarding development and strengthening of infrastructure facilities in Agriculture and Allied sectors and directed the officials to be prepared to start the second phase works and complete the projects in stipulated time and said to monitor the progress of works regularly.

The Chief Minister reviewed issues related to multipurpose centres, custom hiring centres, food processing, fishing harbours, bulk milk cooling centres and it was estimated to cost around Rs 16,236 crore for these works.

Multipurpose Facility Centers

Multi-Purpose Facility Centers (MPFCs) are being set up at RBKs to facilitate farmers by providing 15 types of infrastructure facilities including

Dry storage, drying platforms, godowns, horticulture infrastructure, primary processing centres, assaying equipment, Nadu Nedu works in Market Yards and E-marketing‌ and the estimated cost for all these works is Rs.2930 crore.

Community hiring centres

Community hiring centres are being set up at RBKs level and farm mechanisation high-tech high-value hubs at constituency level. The State Government has set up 3250 Community Hiring Centers first phase and under the second phase, another 3250 community hiring centres will be set up by September, 500 harvesters and 85 hubs will be set up.

As part of the third phase, 4250 community centres, 535 harvesters and 85 hubs will be set up by December. A total of 10,750 Community Hiring Centers, 1035 Combined Harvesters, 175 Hubs will be set up and all these works are estimated at around Rs 2,134 crore.

The Chief Minister said the machinery will be available to farmers through community hiring centres, shortage of labour issues will be decreased and agriculture implements will be made available at low prices. He said to increase skills among farmers on maintenance and usage of Agriculture Machinery and added to introduce those courses in ITI and Polytechnic education. The Chief Minister said to display the details of machinery with rental details in RBKs and to take the suggestions from Farmers Advisory Boards in this regard. He said to set up community hiring centres with relevant equipment in areas where milk production is high.

Seed Cum Millet Processing Units

The Officials informed the Chief Minister that 33 seed cum millet processing units will be set up in the state with at least one unit in each parliamentary constituency and more units depending on the requirement. Land Identification to set up these units has been completed.


The State Government will be setting up Automatic Milk Collection Centers and Bulk Milk Cooling Centers as a part of Jagananna Pala Velluva Programme with an estimated cost of Rs 4,190 crore. The Chief Minister said financial assistance to eligible women has been provided through YSR Chyetutha and  YSR Asara scheme's assistance will be provided in September and directed the officials to provide cattle and sheep to whoever opted for them.


The officials informed the Chief Minister of the progress of works related to setting up Fish and Prawns processing units, pre-processing units, fishing harbours, fish land centres and aqua hubs and it was estimated around Rs 3997 crore for all these works. The State Government will set up  10 processing units, 23 pre-processing units and 100 aqua hubs with a total of 133 units in the Aqua sector and a plan was prepared to launch processing centres in September 2022. The officials said Fish landing centre works were almost completed in Manchinillapeta and efforts are being made to set up fish landing centres at Chintapalli, Bhimili, Rajayapeta and Kottapatnam and to set up floating jetties in 20 locations. The Chief Minister directed the officials to develop minimum infrastructure facilities in the existing 340 fish landing centres. The officials said construction works are in progress in four fishing harbours and the Chief Minister said to start the works soon in the remaining four harbours. The State Government is planning to set up secondary food processing units, micro food processing enterprises, quality testing labs, skill development and incubation centres and sees cum millet processing units under AP Food Processing Center with an estimated cost of Rs 2,961 crore.

The Chief Minister said the State Government has procured many crops except paddy and cotton with an expenditure of Rs 6,200 crore to benefit farmers. He said measures are being taken to strengthen food processing policy to support farmers.

Animal Husbandry

The State Government has decided to set up organic dairies and Animal Husbandry custom hiring centres at RBKs level with an estimated cost of Rs 22.25 crore and the works will start in September.

Agriculture Minister Kurasala Kannababu, Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries Minister Seediri Appalraju, Agriculture Mission Vice-Chairman MVS Nagi Reddy, Agriculture Special Chief Secretary Poonam Malakondaiah, Industries Special Chief Secretary Karikala Valaven, Finance Secretary KVV Satyanarayana, Marketing and Cooperative Principal Secretary Y Madhusudan Reddy, Agriculture & Marketing Commissioner Pradhyumna, APDDC director Dr Ahmed Babu, Agriculture Commissioner H Arun Kumar, Fisheries Commissioner K Kannababu, Horticulture Commissioner FS Sridhar, Animal Husbandry director Amarendra Kumar, AP Food Processing Society CEO L Sridhar Reddy and other officials were present.

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