AP Govt Designates Women Protection Secretaries As Mahila Police On Par With Constables

Village/ Ward Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi Now Mahila Police Andhra Pradesh - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh government designated the 'Grama Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi/Ward Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi' (women protection secretaries) as 'Mahila Police', treating them on par with lady constables.

The government framed the Andhra Pradesh (Grama Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi/Ward Mahila Samrakshana Karyadarsi) Subordinate Service Rules, 2019, to govern the WPS. There are currently 14,313 people in the village and ward secretariats out of the total of 14,910 posts as women safety secretaries. They will soon complete two years of probation. The government is now in the process of streamlining their services. Apart from duties related to the Home Department, the women protection secretaries were also assigned the responsibilities of the Women Development and Child Welfare Department and also Anganwadi services.

Principal Secretary (Home) Kumar Vishwajeet issued orders on Wednesday designating the women protection secretaries as Mahila Police by amending the Service Rules 2019, stating that the Mahila Police will be given the required training. They will have to undergo the required 10-month training similar to lady constables. The Mahila Police would be given the same uniform as lady constables, same authorities, and power under different Acts that have been given to constables. They will be the representative of the nearest police station for the village. Additional Head Constable posts will be created for promotional posts for Mahila Police, as stated in the order.

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