AP Consumers Can Cut Power Consumption, Reduce Electricity Bill

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Good news for electricity consumers: Five AP districts can apply for a rooftop solar board in 15 months.

Andhra Pradesh: The state of Andhra Pradesh has some good news for consumers. APEPDCL offers you a reduction in your monthly electricity bill.

APEPDCL has some excellent news for Andhra Pradesh's power consumers. People in five districts across the state have been given a unique offer to bring down their electricity bills. Why wait? Go to the APEPDCL website and apply in this manner.

APEPDCL is taking measures to help consumers in Andhra Pradesh bring down their power consumption. With the electricity usage rising by the day, a critical decision has been taken. The Centre had previously proposed that projects be brought in to make use of the power supplied by the state's natural resources. It has been argued several times that increasing power consumption through the use of natural energy resources, particularly as part of environmental preservation, is a good idea. In this direction, APEPDCL is offering solar power. With this, the authorities have stated that residential customers in five districts can apply for solar power.

According to V. Vijayalalithaa, Chief General Manager of APEPDCL, "With the financial assistance of the Central Government, APEPDCL is providing Grid Connected Roof Top Solar Plants on a subsidised basis for Home Power Consumers under the Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Corporation." Under the RTS-II initiative, the Union Ministry of Renewable Energy has made it possible to apply for a grid-connected solar rooftop.

APEPDCL is giving this chance to residential power consumers in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, and East and West Godavari districts, with a capacity of 8 MW. They have been permitted to finish the scheme of installing grid-connected roof-top solar plants in their homes in 15 months. The government has established 16 agencies to set up solar power roof plants for home electricity consumers in the 1 kilowatt to 10-kilowatt category and empanelled 3 agencies in the 10 kilowatts to 500-kilowatt category.

The CGM said the application, developed by the APEPDCL Information Technology Division is available on the online web portal at the link for home power consumers setting up a solar rooftop. According to the rates received in the tender process for installation of grid-connected solar roof top, the price of solar rooftop capacity is Rs 50,000 per kilowatt, for 2 kilowatts up to 3 kilowatts Rs 45,000 per kilowatt, above 3 kilowatts up to 10 kilowatts Rs 44,000 per kilowatt, up to 10 kilowatts and up to 100 kilowatts at Rs 38,000, above 100 kilowatts up to 500 kilowatts at Rs 36,000 has been finalized.

Metering charges must be paid in addition to the application fee (including GST).

Are the rates the same for this? These prices include a 5-year guarantee and a yearly maintenance contract for solar rooftop plant design, supply, installation, and insurance. APEPDCL will also need payment of an application fee and metering costs in addition to these. Only authorized agencies are allowed to build rooftop solar plants for residential power customers. According to MNRE rules, solar rooftop systems up to 3 KW on benchmark pricing will get CFA (Central Financial Assistance), while solar roofs above 20 KW over 20 KW would receive CFA (Central Financial Assistance).

Only 20% of the CFA will be allocated to residential welfare associations and flats. The CFA does not apply to non-domestic power users, according to APEPDCL CGM V. Vijayalalithaa, who can apply through any other agency of their choosing.

This website, with the link, has all the details. Residential consumers in the APEPDCL districts of Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam, East and West Godavari can take advantage of this chance to lower their energy costs by installing rooftop solar panels.

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