AP CM YS Jagan Disburses Rs 395 Crore Under Jagananna Thodu Scheme

AP CM  YS Jagan Disburses Rs 395 Crore Under Jagananna Thodu Scheme - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has credited Rs 395 crores to 3.95 lakh beneficiaries under Jagananna Thodu scheme here on Wednesday besides an interest component of Rs 15.96 crore. 

The scheme provides Rs 10,000 each to small and petty traders, vendors and artisans and so far the State has provided Rs 2,011 crores to 15,03,558 families under the scheme to promote self employment. 

The small and petty traders and vendors who sell their goods and ware on the pavements, tiny shops and push carts also generate employment and become part of social empowerment. 

 The Chief Minister said that he had seen the plight of such petty traders, who were exploited by money lenders and middlemen besides artisans and the Jagananna Thodu scheme had thus evolved and we have kept our promise by paying Rs 10,000 each. The State has been providing loans to over 5.08 lakh, other state governments in the country have been providing such benefit to 15.03 lakh families which show the scale and size of concern we have towards social and economic empowerment, he said. 

For those who repay loans on time, the State has been taking the interest burden and Rs 48.48 crore has been reimbursed to 12.50 lakh families. As part of this, Rs 15.96 crores is being reimbursed now.   The list has 3.95 lakh new beneficiaries to whom an amount of 395 crore loans are being given. 

Of the beneficiaries, 80 percent are women and belong to SC, ST, BC and Minorities which is a glaring example of social and economic empowerment, he said. 

Drawing a comparison with the previous government, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said, such welfare was never thought of by the previous dispensation and it never thought of people who were engaged in small and petty trade selling coffee, tea, eateries, vegetables, and fruits in various modes. They also did not focus on artisans and traditional craftsmen. The previous government and its friendly media had a feudal mindset looking after their own interest. They only followed the principle of plunder, stash, and ingest formula but our Government has embarked on the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). Of the 15.03 lakh beneficiaries, majority of them are also being benefited from other schemes being implemented by our Government.  The budget remains the same then and now the only difference is the change of Chief Minister.  Why schemes are reaching the poor now means, there are no middle and it is being credited directly into the bank accounts shunting out the role of middle men and corruption, he said.

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క్యాంపు కార్యాలయంలో జగనన్న తోడు కార్యక్రమం. చిరు వ్యాపారులకు, సంప్రదాయ, చేతివృత్తి కళాకారులకు రూ. 10వేల చొప్పున వడ్డీలేని రుణాల పథకం వరుసగా ఐదోసారి అమలు. కొత్తగా సుమారు 3.95 లక్షలమందికి రూ. 395 కోట్ల వడ్డీలేని రుణాలు బటన్ నొక్కి వారి ఖాతాల్లో జమచేసిన సీఎం. గత ఆరునెలలకు సంబంధించి సకాలంలో రుణాలు చెల్లించిన వారికి రూ.15.96 కోట్ల వడ్డీని కూడా విడుదలచేసిన సీఎం. ఇప్పటివరకూ ఈ పథకం కింద 15,03,558 లక్ష లమందికి రూ.2,011 కోట్ల వడ్డీలేని రుణాలు. #CMYSJagan #AndhraPradeshCM

- CMO AndhraPradesh (@AndhraPradeshCM) 3 Aug 2022

Deputy Chief Minister B Mutyalanayudu, Municipal Administration Minister A Suresh, Chief Secretary, Sameer Sharma , Village and Ward Secretariats Special CS Ajay Jain and other officials and bank representatives were present.

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