AP Citizens' Dil Maange More As YS Jagan Governance Completes 2 Years

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The YSRC government is currently celebrating completing two years of its rule. Everywhere on the social media platform, it is nothing but talks regarding Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He is now been termed as the “People’s Leader.”

Ministers and legislators are happy with the way things have turned out in the state. Under his governance, the state has thrived, women have been empowered, there has been a change in the social justice system. The government has fulfilled all the promises they made in the manifesto. The Navaratnalu (nine jewels) welfare schemes gained momentum in the second year of the YS Jagan regime.

It is different, the schemes, the welfare programmes, everything is different when compared to the previous government, shared Kurnool Mayor B.Y. Ramaiah. Former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu did not focus on the welfare of all but his attention was only directed towards his own group. The YSRC spokesperson said that Jagan Reddy has now made a name for himself, he has left the mark.

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People mainly pay attention to the promises that a candidate makes during an election. It is commendable that the Jagan government has fulfilled almost all of the promises made in the manifesto. In just two years of his service, the CM managed to keep most of his promises and is working on fulfilling the rest of them. He managed to achieve all this while fighting the pandemic.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 30 May 2019. In his two year term till now, most of the time was spent fighting the pandemic. The YSRC did not get much time to implement all their schemes and ideas as the plans were washed away by the spread of Coronavirus. The way AP handled this situation is praiseworthy as their health schemes assured the welfare of all.

Earlier during a Covid19 review meeting, the CM said that health hubs should be set up at district headquarters and corporations. For this, at least 30-50 acres of land will be acquired and 5 acres will be allotted to each hospital, free of cost. Apart from this, the vaccine program, lockdown and curfew implementation and other such decisions helped AP in their fight against Covid19.

To help the jobless youth in the state, they were made volunteers for village and ward secretariats. This helped more than 3 lakh youngsters. Not only did the worried youth get a job but also door-to-door delivery of the scheme benefits was made possible through this. The state government credited almost Rs 95,528.50 crore to the beneficiaries accounts.

There are so many different schemes like Jagananna Amma Vodi scheme, YSR Aasara, YSR Cheyutha, YSR Sunna Vaddi Runalu, JaganAnna Vidya Kanuka, ManaBadi Nadu-Nedu and others which helped in the development of the state and empowerment of women.

AP citizens are celebrating this milestone and wish for more years with YSRCP and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. People are congratulating their CM.

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