AP Cabinet Meeting: State Govt To Write To Centre Over Telangana's Disregard of Krishna Water Board Directives

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AMARAVATI: The State Cabinet Meeting which convened today under the chairmanship of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy discussed various issues and the current water dispute with the Telangana state. In its stance, the AP Government and made it clear that the rights of the State would not be compromised under any circumstances and that a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be written about the Telangana govt's disregard for the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) directives. The AP Cabinet on this occasion took objections to the attitude of Telangana regarding the power generation at the Srisailam dam. A complaint to the Jal Shakti ministry would be also sent to highlight the water issue.

It is known that the Telangana government has taken arbitrary decisions in the case of the Srisailam dam, disregarding the orders of the KRMB while dismissing the objections of Andhra Pradesh. The Telangana government Monday issued orders to generate hydropower at full capacity even when the water level in the reservoir has not reached the minimum drawing level.

Telangana Govt has issued orders on Monday for drawing more water from Srisailam dam for power generation at the hydroelectric station on the left bank to generate hydropower at 100% capacity. This will affect AP’s drawls, which can be done only when the water level in it reaches +854 feet.

In the letter written to the KRMB member secretary on Tuesday, it was noted that despite the KRMB’s order to stop the drawl of water for power generation, Telangana continued to use large quantities of water. Telangana is resorting to drawing water for power generation in larger quantities (16,877 cusecs on June 28). This attitude of unilateral drawls amounts to disregard to the authority of KRMB and is in violation of the agreed norms being followed in water drawls from common reservoirs between the two States.

The Andhra Pradesh government is seeking the Centre’s intervention to restrain Telangana from resorting to further drawls from the Srisailam reservoir as sufficient water is available in Nagarjuna Sagar for Kharif. Except during floods, water drawls from common reservoirs of Srisailam and NSP are to be done only with the release orders of the KRMB.

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