AP Cabinet Composition: Covers All Communities, 70Pc From BC,SC, ST and Minorities

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AMARAVATI: The wait is finally over with the list of the new members of the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy were released on the auspicious occasion of Srirama Navami day. The final list of 25 names was announced on Sunday, thereby putting an end to all speculations about the composition of the cabinet.

Speaking to the media on Sunday after the names were announced AP Government Media Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna said that in comparison to the previous Cabinet where 56 percent was allotted to people from different castes, regions, and minorities, that has been increased to almost 70 percent where ministers are from SC, ST, and BC, Minority and marginalised communities are being inducted into the Cabinet.

The composition of the new cabinet with 25 members was finalized which was a combination of new members and old ministers. 7 The new cabinet has a total of 25 ministers. In terms of seniority, 10 ministers have been retained.  The newly added ministers were 15 in number. In terms of social equations the Cabinet compositions are as follows:

  • BCs-10
  • SC-5
  • ST-1
  • Minority-1 
  • OCs-8

Bringing in the concept of gender inclusivity four women have been given a place in the Cabinet. Sajjala said that the BCs were given more representation compared to the previous cabinet. 

The Deputy Chief Ministers posts will continue in this cabinet also, he said. Speaking further Sajjala said that the YSRCP party was also in favour of the backward communities and giving them a higher place in all areas. If you compare the percentage of SC, ST and minorities in the earlier Chandrababu Naidu's cabinet, the number of OCs were 52 % and the backward communities were in the least at 42%, and he makes tall claims that he was working towards the growth of the BCs. Chandrababu never worked for the benefit of the backward classes, but unlike him, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has kept his promises made during the padayatra to protect their interests, he said. The BCs were not Backward classes....they are the 'Backbone Class,' he reiterated. 

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  1. Dharmana Prasada Rao (BC)
  2. Seediri Appalaraju  (BC)
  3. Botsa Sathyanarayana  (BC)
  4. Peedika Rajanna Dora (ST)
  5. Gudivada Amarnath  Kapu (OC)
  6. Budi Muthyalanaidu (BC)
  7. Dadisetti Raja  (OC)
  8. Pinipe Viswaroop (SC)
  9. Ch Venogopalakrishna (BC)
  10. Taneti Vanitha (SC)
  11. Karamuri Venkata Nageswara Rao (BC)
  12. Kottu Satyanarayana (OC)
  13. Jogi Ramesh (BC)
  14. Ambati Rambabu (OC)
  15. Merugu Nagarjuna (SC)
  16. Vidadala Rajini (BC)
  17. Kakani Govardhan Reddy (OC)
  18. Amjad Basha Shaik Bepari (Minority)
  19. Bugggana Rajendranath Reddy (OC)
  20. Gummanuri Jayaram (BC)
  21. Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy (OC)
  22. K Narayana Swamy (SC)
  23. RK Roja (OC)
  24. KV Usha Sricharan (BC)
  25. Adimulapu Suresh (SC)

The Chief Minister has done justice to all the communities and given the post of the Deputy Speaker to Kollugatla Veerabhadraswamy who is Vysya, the AP Planning Board Vice-Chairman post to  Malladi Vishnu who is a Brahmin, and the Chief Whip post to M Prasada Raju covering the Kshatriya community and the post of the Chairman to the AP State Development Board Chairman to Kodali Nani is a reflection of the Chief Minister vision in ensuring social justice to all communities, he said. This is not a cabinet reshuffle meant for the elections, he clarified. From the very beginning, our party has been giving the  BCs, SCs, STs and minorities a higher status, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said.

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