Andhra Pradesh: Women Voters Growing At A Higher Rate, ECI Atlas Report 2019

Atlas on General Elections 2019: Andhra Pradesh Women Voters Numbers Increase - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh has topped the list in terms of the growth of women voters across the country as per the latest report released by the Central Election Commission recently. The report stated that the number of women voters in the State increased by the year 2019 when compared to the 2014 parliamentary elections. In 2014, there were 987 female voters for every 1,000 male voters in the state, which rose by 31 points to 1,018 by the 2019 elections. That means there are now 1,018 female voters for every 1,000 male voters.

The state has 92 women voters which are higher than the domestic average of the country. Also, the proportion of female voters across the country in 2014 was 908 per every 1000 males and by 2019 it had increased by 18 points to 926. The number of women voters across the country is 43,85,37,911.

Chief Election Commissioner, Sushil Chandra along with Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey released ‘General Elections 2019 – An Atlas’ on June 15, 2021. The Atlas brings out salient features such as data of the 23 States and Uts where women voting percentage was more than the male voting percentage; information about the largest & smallest parliamentary constituency in terms of electors, candidates, and performance of political parties amongst other parameters.

The Atlas depicts the electors' data in different categories and through various comparison charts like Elector Gender Ratio and electors in different age categories. The 2019 General Elections witnessed the lowest gender gap in the history of Indian elections. The Elector Gender Ratio which has shown a positive trend since 1971 was 926 in the 2019 General Elections.

 Andhra Pradesh has a total electorate of 3,94,05,967, of which 1,98,80,957 are women voters with a share of 50.45 per cent. The Central Election Commission (CEC) said in the report that only four states had more than half of the total electorate with women voters. Kerala topped the list with 51.4 per cent of women voters, followed by Goa with 51.06 per cent, Andhra Pradesh with 50.45 per cent and Arunachal Pradesh with 50.25 per cent.

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