Andhra Pradesh: Special Bottle Gourds Sold For Lakhs Of Rupees To Devotees In Srisailam

 - Sakshi Post

Have you ever heard of 'Naga Sorakaya' or 'Snake Bottle Gourd'? What is so special about this vegetable? Why most of the folks are going gaga over this snake bottle gourd is the question. What magical power does this Snake Bottle Gourd bring? It is said that whenever this snake bottle guard moves against the wind, it produces some sound and it is believed that this sound will eliminate all the negative energy from the house and will bring prosperity. Keeping all this aside, now coming to the price of this Naga Sorakaya. Any guesses about the price? After knowing about the price, you will be definitely shocked, my dear readers. There are people who are ready to shell out Rs 10 to Rs 50 lakh on this Naga Sorkaya and it is considered as the symbol of luck and prosperity.

There are people who are trying to cash on this. Recently, a group of people selling these curved bottle guards to the devotees visiting the Srisailam temple in Andhra Pradesh by saying that these had special powers have been arrested by the police. The accused who had been working in an ashram admitted that they have collected lakhs of rupees from devotees in exchange for the curved bottle guards.

Atmakur SI of Police Nagendra said that most of the people in Telugu states believe that bottle guards of special shape will bring luck to them. He further added that, "21 persons have been arrested who hailed from different places in Telangana and were associated with Annapurna Devi Ashramam in Srisailam."

The police said that a few people running the ashram are absconding. A case has been registered under Section 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). SI Nagendra asserted that many people believe that this curved bottle gourd is only grown in the Nallamala Hills.

Some of the folks will be ready to pay lakhs of rupees and the police said that in some cases the bottle gourd has been sold for up to Rs 1 or 2 crore. The accused will trap Hindu devotees visiting the temple and earn akhs of money for simple vegetable.

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