Andhra Pradesh Ready For COVID Vaccine Dry Run

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Dry run for COVID-19 vaccine introduction in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh

Dry run on covid vaccination shall be taken up on Saturday 2nd January at three locations in each district of Andhra pradesh

The dry run is aimed at testing the planned operations and the laid out mechanisms for coVID-19 vaccination in the state and It will provide insights on any gaps or bottlenecks so that those could be addressed before the commencement of the COVID- l9 drive. it will be used to test preparedness for Vaccinating pre-identified beneficiaries from specified groups supported by Co-WIN, an electronic application.

On 28th December such exercise was done in Krishna district as part of the 4 states chosen to do dry run and the results have been encouraging.

The dry run on 2nd January will be used to test COVID-19 vaccination process such as :

  1. Planning & preparations including prerequisites for the vaccine introduction as per the Operational Guidelines
  2. Creation of Facilities & Users on CoWIN application
  3. Session site creation, & mapping of sites
  4. Health Care Worker beneficiary data upload on Co-WIN
  5. Receipt of Vaccines by the District and vaccine allocation using Co-WIN
  6. Session planning, vaccinator deployment
  7. Deployment of team members
  8. Vaccine and logistics mobilization at session site
  9. Mock drill of beneficiary vaccination and reporting



GGH Srikakulam

 GEMS Ragolu

Govt Degree College Palakonda



District Hospital Vizianagaram

Venkata Padma Hospital

Mahila Pranganam T.Agraharam



Ent Hospital

Pradhama Hospital

RHC Simhachalam


East Godavari

e-UPHC Rachelapeta

Apollo Hospital

SRMT Hall Ramanayyapeta


West Godavari

District Hospital Eluru

ASRAM Medical College

PHC Gopannapalem subcenter



District Hospital Machilipatnam

Andhra Hospitals Machilipatnam

S.N Gopalapalem(under PHC Chinnapram)



Government NursingHospital IDH Campus

Vedantha Hospital

S.K.B.M School 85 ward Secretariate



PPU Ongole

Ramesh Sanghamitra Hospital

PHC Maddhipadu



PHC Varigondla

Narayana Medical College

e-UPHC Kranthi Nagar




Chandra Mohan Hospital Madanapalle

e-UPHC Satyanarapuram Chittoor



PHC Akkayapalle

Tirumala Hospital

Ganga Bhavani School (PHC C.K.Dinne)

 Dry Run Process:

  1. The test link of Co-WIN ( & ( for Vaccinator(ANM) for dry run kept ready.
  2. For each of the three session sites, 25 test beneficiaries (healthcare workers) are identified for the dry run.
  3. These test beneficiaries will be present at the session sites for session site simulation
  4. Instruction given that this is a dry run and any SMS generated or received is for the purpose of dry run only.

Assess session flow with dummy beneficiaries (HCW):

  1. 25 HCWs visit session site in 2 hour time slot
  2. Vaccinating officer VO-1: Matches beneficiary names from list
  3. VO-2: Verifies beneficiary using Co-WIN application
  4. VO-2 dummy vaccination is done
  5. VO-2 report vaccination in the Co-WIN app
  6. VO-3 & 4: Manage crowd, IPC ( Inter process Communication )messaging, support Vaccinator,
  7. 30 min wait following vaccination
  8. VO-2 will report 2-3 dummy AEFIs in Co-WIN application at session site
  9. Review meetings at block, districts and state and provide feedback to guide actions


Primary objective of dry run is to check

  1. Operational feasibility of using Co-WIN application in field
  2. Planning, implementation and reporting mechanism

Session sites chosen:

The dry run is to be planned at 3 types of session sites in all districts of Andhra Pradesh as below:

One teaching/district hospital

One outreach session site

One private facility

The following 39 locations will conduct dry run in Andhra pradesh on 2nd January.

COVID-19 Vaccine Dry Run

Session Sites Identified



DH / Medical College
(Govt.Health Facility)

Private Health Facility

Urban / Rural Outreach



PHC Kurugunta

Saveera Hospital

e-UPHC Indira Nagar



PHC Ethandrapadu

Medi Cover Hospital

TGV Nagara Patasaal

Preparatory activities for Dry run

  1.  On 31.12.2020 dry run covid session meeting conducted under the chairman ship of district collectors
  2. on 31.12.2020 as per guidelines 3 session sites were identified for Dry Run
  3. Team members for vaccination identified:list prepared and uploaded in COWIN
  4. Health Care Workers Beneficiaries identified and list prepared &uploaded in COWIN portal
  5. AEFI-(Adverse eventfollowing immunization) committee formed as per new guidelines
  6. AEFI treatment centres list prepared.
  7. Training for team members on dry run planned on 01.01.2021
  8. Inspection of session sites ( dry run) on 31.12.2020 to check the logistics planned
  9. Dry run on 2.12.2020 with video coverage and Report preparation and to submit DTF (district task force)Committee and STF(state task force) committee
  10. State Task Force will review the feedback to guide further actions. State to provide feedback to MoHFW.
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