Andhra Pradesh Government Plans Internet Services In Tribal Areas

 - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh government is taking all the measures to provide internet services to the remote tribals areas in the state through Fibernet Corporation. Internet is very much essential for the newly established village and ward secretariat system.

Already the Fibernet connectivity works are going on a faster pace in 134 tribal areas. The state government has already paid Rs 3 crore to Fibernet Corporation. The works are going on in 51 villages that fall under Rampachodavaram ITDA of East Godavari district; 49 villages of  Parvathipuram ITDA, Vizianagaram district; 26 villages of Paderu ITDA, Visakhapatnam district; 6 villages of  Srisailam  ITDA; one village each under KR Puram ITDA and Chintoor. The company Reliance has already set up more than 200 towers in hilly areas in collaboration with the state government.  As a result, wireless internet services are available in the agency areas. The officials estimated that a total of Rs 24.50 crore will be required for the development of fiber net services in 251 hamlets.

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