Andhra Pradesh Government To Increase Bed Capacity In Government Hospitals

 - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: With an aim to provide better medical services to the poor, the Andhra Pradesh government has now taken a decision to increase the number of beds in all the government hospitals across the state. The state government has taken this decision to solve the problems being faced by patients in government hospitals due to lack of sufficient beds.  

The government will increase the number of beds in the government hospitals in view of the growing population and insufficient beds. It has decided to increase the 30 bedded community health centers (CHC) into 50 bedded CHC's to provide better facilities giving much priority to maternal care by providing quality medical services.

►The government has started the process of increasing the number of beds from 30 to 50 in 51 hospitals across the state initially. This will add an

additional 1,020 beds in the respective hospitals.
►Officials noted that more number of deliveries were taking place at the community health centers, and more number of outpatients and inpatients

were reaching the hospital for treatment, beyond the capacity of respective hospitals.
► The state government is raising the beds as per the Indian public health standards. It is estimated this project will cost between Rs 5 crore and Rs

7 crore to raise 20 beds in each community health center
► Officials estimate that the total cost for increasing the beds in 51 CHCs will range from a minimum of Rs 250 crore to a maximum of Rs 300 crore.

Officials said that apart from raising beds, all kinds of medical facilities will also be provided in maternity wards, operation theatre, medical equipment, pharmacy are provided.
►With the increase in beds, each CHC will needs about 25 doctors, staff nurses, lab technicians and other staff.
►The government has to spend Rs 4.60 crore per month for paying the salaries of CHC staff.

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