Andhra Abbayi Marries Afghan Woman in Vijayawada

 - Sakshi Post

An adage says, "Love doesn't care what language you speak, what colour you are, what religion you believe in....because love has no boundaries." Two people from different countries became one.

An Andhra man married an Afghanistani girl in Vijayawada. Going into details, Vivekananda Raman, son of Lakshmi Kumar and Railway DSP, Ashok Kumar is working as a software engineer. During his school days in Delhi, he and an Afghan girl, Froz Sharin became friends. Later, they fell in love with each other.

After settling down in their career, with the approval from their parents, Vivekananda and Froz got married according to Hindu traditions. Vivekananda Raman said that he loved Sharin a lot and was very happy as their parents agreed for the marriage. 

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