Ananthapur's Probing Cops Draw Flak For Enjoying TDP Leader's Lunch Party

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ANANTAPUR: A Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader of Ananthapur district is at the centre of public fury after he tried to entice a police team probing illegal sand-mining activities by throwing a lavish lunch party for them right inside a government school. The incident which left the members of parents committee and the general public outraged happened in Rayadurgam of the district. 

Rayadurgam is one of the places where illegal sand mining and liquor smuggling is thriving despite the state government's drive against it. The state government has set up a Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) to check these illegal activities and its sleuths are actively carrying out raids and checks besides imposing fines on lawbreakers. Three days ago, officials seized a tractor for illegally transporting sand illegally. Incidentally, the tractor belongs to local TDP leader Viresh of Junjuram Pally in Raidurgam Mandal. Following the seizure of the vehicle, many local TDP leaders tried to exert pressure on Kalyanadurgam DSP Venkataramana to allow sand transportation in brazen violation of rules. 

But as it turned out, another TDP leader, named Vijayasimha Chowdari, had thrown a lavish lunch party for the DSP and his police team when the latter were carrying out their investigation into the illegal sand-mining case. Interestingly, the TDP leader used the local government school for his lunch party to the cops, in an apparent bid to appease the police and entice them into favouring Viresh by releasing the seized vehicle. Even as the episode smacked of a clear nexus between the TDP leader, allegedly involved in illegal sand mining and the police, the issue received another twist after members of the parents committee strongly objected to the misuse of the premises of the school that is closed due to lockdown. 

When questioned about the opening of the school unofficially, the police not only responded rudely but even used abusive language against the parents committee members. The police misbehaviour came under fire from all quarters even as people expressed their displeasure over the police blowing holes into the state government's sincere efforts to curb illegal sand mining across the state. When confronted by the Sakshi team, the police official admitted to taking part in the TDP leader's lunch party while on duty to investigate the case.

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