Amaravati Stir Begins To Fizzle Out, Agitation Limited To Just 29 Villages

 - Sakshi Post

Amaravati agitation  is now beginning to slowly fizzle out. The TDP which sponsored and funded the movement is now finding itself increasingly isolated. Even the TDP leaders in districts like Nellore and Rayalaseema are keeping away from the agitation. In North Andhra , the TDP leaders are in a quandary. They can neither oppose Vizag as the capital or support Amaravati as the capital.

Increasingly, the protests in Krishna and Guntur districts are getting muted. There is no participation of anyone other than the TDP in these agitations. Meanwhile, intel sources reveal that the Amaravati agitation is now limited to just 29 villages in the CRDA area. These people, who are set to lose financially, are now the only ones who are still passionate about the agitation.

TDP sources are saying that at this rate, the Amaravati agitation will be confined to a small area and might not affect more than a couple of assembly constituencies. On the other hand, support is building up for the two other capitals -  one in Vizag and the other in Kurnool. Even the TDP leaders are forced to go mute on these issues.

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