Amalapuram: Minister Viswarup Inspects House Damaged In Arson

Amalapuram: Minister Viswarup Inspects House Damaged In Arson - Sakshi Post

KONASEEMA: Andhra Pradesh Transport Minister P Viswarup along with his family members on Wednesday inspected his house at Yerra Vanthena in Amalapuram in Konaseema district, which was destroyed by protestors on Tuesday.
Speaking to the media here, the Minister said it was unfortunate that his house was set on fire. He said that the Konaseema Sadhana Samithi also could not foresee that such an incident would happen. It is clear that the antis social elements were deliberately diverted here to wreak havoc. He also alleged that the TDP and Jana Sena Party leaders failed to control their members and in between rowdy sheeters had joined the protestors who had resorted to violence in the otherwise peaceful place. He also requested Party aides and his followers to follow restraint.

Arson broke out in Amalapuram town on Tuesday and police had to resort to lathi-charge at people who staged a protest against the proposed renaming of the newly-created Konaseema district as B R Ambedkar Konaseema district.

Protestors had also set the house of State minister P Viswarup and a Mummidivaram YSRCP MLA  P Satish on fire during the protests. 
It was evident that they had deliberately targeted the Dalit and BC leaders in the district in a pre-planned manner. 

They attacked the Minister’s house which was taken on rent near the Yerra Vanthena here and threw stones and petrol cans which led to an outbreak of fire. A gas cylinder also exploded causing damage to the three-level building. The Minister’s gunman Srinivas and his cook Prakash were injured in the incident. Luckily neither the Minister nor his family members were present at home at that time. After destroying the Minister’s house, the protestors later targeted YSRCP Mummidivaram MLA Ponnada Satish’s house at the Housing Board Colony and vandalized it. His aides who were there at the time were able to prevent the attack on the MLA. The MLA, his wife and son, who were at home, were brought out safely by the police.

Prohibitory orders under Section 144 under the CrPC were issued by the police in Amalapuram and police pickets were established at all major junctions of the town to prevent any untoward incidents. Home Minister Taneti Vanitha and YSRCP leaders condemned the attack on the house of the Minister and MLA. 

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