Amalapuram: AP Govt Sanctions Rs 1 Crore For  Child's Lifelong Treatment, Parents Thank CM YS Jagan

AP Govt Sanctions Rs1 Crore For Girl's Rare Genetic Disorder Treatment - Sakshi Post

Konaseema: Parents of Honey, a two-and-half-year-old girl from Dr BR Ambedkar Konaseema district couldn’t thank Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy enough, when the State government sanctioned Rs 1 crore for the toddler’s treatment as she was suffering from a rare genetic disorder. The child was said to be suffering from Gaucher’s disease and it is reported that only fourteen people across the country suffer from this liver-related disease.

Honey’s parents Koppudi Rambabu and Nagalakshmi were in dire financial straits as they could not afford the injections each costing Rs 1.25 lakh. Rambabu works as a driver for the ration delivery van, while Nagalakshmi was a daily wage worker. They have a five-year-old son and daughter Honey who was suffering from Gaucher's disease.

Taking a chance they stood in the crowd holding a placard stating that they needed money for their daughter’s treatment when they got to know that the  Chief Minister was visiting the flood-affected regions in the district on July 26. The Chief Minister saw them and came towards them to enquire about the child. He had then promised to support the treatment and also extend aid for the girl’s education much to their joy and relief. He instructed the District Collector Himanshu Shukla to take action and left.

As part of the treatment, District Collector Himanshu Shukla handed over 13 injections, costing around Rs 10 lakhs, to Honey’s parents on Sunday. At least 52 injections would be required for the treatment. The sanctioned injections would be administered once every 15 days. This apart the government would also extend a sum of Rs 10,000 every month to the child. Doctors state that as Honey was still young there were chances of her recovery from the disease if she was given these injections twice a month.

Rambabu and Nagalakshmi said that they would be indebted to CM YS Jagan for the rest of their lives. They are still in a state of shock over the fact that a state Chief Minister could be as compassionate towards the poor and are thanking Jagananna, who according to them is akin to God.

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