105 Year Old Woman Conquers COVID-19 In Kurnool, Flashes Victory Sign

 - Sakshi Post

KURNOOL: At a time when the world shudders to think on how life will be if infected with COVID-19, a 105-year-old woman, Mohanamma, is showing the way on how to conquer the dreaded disease with minimum fuss. The centenarian has not only completely recovered from COVID-19 and discharged from the hospital in Kurnool recently, she is gleefully flashing the victory sign now, in a picture of self-confidence and courage.

According to reports, B Mohanamma (105) from Kurnool town, tested positive for COVID-19 on July 19. She was immediately admitted to the isolation ward of the Kurnool Government General Hospital for treatment. She has undergone treatment for COVID-19 in the hospital for the mandatory 14-day period in the MM ward of the hospital where doctors treated her with special care. Mohanamma's husband Madhava Swamy died in 1991. She has three sons and five daughters.

When she was admitted to the hospital, she was diagnosed with mild symptoms of COVID-19. But, as she developed difficulty in breathing, she was put on oxygen support. From there on, she was on the road to recovery gradually before getting herself completely cured of coronavirus. Her strong will power and the innate courage to take on the dreaded disease has only complemented the treatment processes, making her recovery smooth and incident-free. Having been discharged from the hospital on July 31, she stands as a huge source of inspiration to draw confidence from, for the many who are panicking at the very thought of being infected with the disease.

As someone born in 1915, a century ago, she boasts of a great physiological endurance and superior body resistance. Speaking about her recovery, Mohanamma said that she had never seen an infection like COVID-19 before. She said that she was able to recover from the virus due to a healthy routine which also includes her daily dose of yoga and meditation. In a parting shot, the grand old woman shares this little secret that ensures her sound health -- Well, it is obviously yoga and meditation!

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