102-yr-old Grandmother Defeats COVID-19 In Andhra Pradesh Anantapur

 - Sakshi Post

ANANTAPUR: In a story of spirit and willpower, a 102-year-old grandmother defeated the deadly COVID-19 and got recovered in Andhra Pradesh's Anantapur district.


According to a leading daily, Mummaneni Subbamma, from Pedda Kammavaripalle in Puttaparthi mandal of the state had tested COVID-19 positive on August 21. She has recovered staying in home isolation and is healthy now.

Subbamma has five sons and three daughters and she lives with one of her sons.

Four members of her family had tested positive for COVID-19 in August.

While her son, 62, who is a diabetic got hospitalised, other members recovered in home isolation.

You must be wondering what is the secret to her healthy recovery. Well, she says that she took her medicines on time and had ragi mudda, sweet lime juice as well as chicken and all other non-veg dishes.

Subbamma has been receiving congratulatory wishes since her recovery.

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