‘Centre Should Intervene Over High Court Orders’

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NEW DELHI: Leader of YSR Congress Parliamentary Party V Vijayasai Reddy on Thursday said that the judiciary is glossing over the basic principle that all are equal before law. Making it clear that he is not attaching motives to any judges, he sought to remind that curbs are imposed only under extraordinary circumstances.

Speaking to the media on the Parliament premises, he expressed anguish that courts are gagging the media and robbing the citizens of their fundamental rights. He said those who are supposed to uphold justice are acting in a partisan manner. He appealed to the Central government to intervene in the latest dispute.

Earlier in the day, Vijayasai Reddy, speaking in the Rajya Sabha, said that the judiciary in Andhra Pradesh has not been acting in a fair manner. The latest orders issued by the Andhra Pradesh High Court are giving rise to several legal questions.

We Will Brief PM On The Issue

Midhun Reddy, Leader of YSRCP In Lok Sabha, said that they would meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other central ministers and brief them about the prevailing situation as regards the judiciary’s functioning in Andhra Pradesh. He lamented that courts are even stalling welfare schemes and developmental works aimed to benefit the people.

He said that this current situation is due to some people in the judiciary. It is baffling to see the courts coming in the way of investigations into various scandals. It is the courts which are supposed to order the unraveling of scams in the first place, he felt. Mithun Reddy said that they have the right to speak inside the Parliament. He appealed to the Central government to intervene in the recent orders of the state high court.

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