Case Registered against TDP Leader Devineni Uma

 - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA WEST: Villagers of Shabad and Jakkampudi have lodged a complaint with Kothapeta police alleging that former Minister and senior TDP leader Devineni Uma and a few TDP leaders intimidating and threatening them. Based on their complaint the Kothapeta police on Wednesday registered a case against Devineni Uma and the local TDP leaders on Thursday.

 On Wednesday, Devineni Uma along with a few local TDP leaders had gone to inspect a site where the State government was building houses near the village of Shabad. Instead, the leaders and their henchmen started taking photos in an empty quarry area. The TDP leaders have acted in a similar manner in the past and this had led to the two villages splitting into factions and had also clashed with each other.

The TDP leaders also resorted to intimidating and threatening the locals prompting the village elders to lodge complaints with the police against Devineni Uma and other local TDP leaders who were with him.

On Wednesday the villagers at Jakkampudi and Shabad gave a shocker to the TDP leader when they questioned him and his followers for trying to create a rift there. The angry villagers asked him as they had taken lands from the poor during the previous regime and why houses were not built for them and instead were being given to people who were living in Vijayawada. Unable to answer them and sensing trouble Devineni Uma and his followers quietly slipped from there.

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