Raghurama Krishnam Raju Case: No Person is Above The Law, says Ambati

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Amaravati: YSRCP MLA Ambati Rambabu has said that there is no need for the government to ill treat an MP and with the GGH Report making it clear about injuries of MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju,  the anti social elements supporting him stand exposed.

Speaking to media here on Sunday, he said that the law will take its own course, where even an MP can be arrested if he goes against the constitution. Raghurama is only trying to defame the government and took up the drama by accusing that he was assaulted by the police just to avoid jail. Two of the TDP leaders Atchennaidu and Dhulipalla Narendra were also arrested by the State police but none has complained of being assaulted by police, unlike Raghurama. He said that Raghurama Raju was a big actor and he complained about his beating up immediately after his bail application was rejected in the AP High Court.

The MLA said that people are not going to believe either TDPs version or Raghurama’s allegations against the YSRCP, as everyone knew that those injuries of Raghurama were due to Psoriasis, where many are still studying on search engines. Chandrababu Naidu is the man behind Raghurama’s drama, he said and made it clear that neither of them can gain political favor nor damage the government's image. MLA Rambabu demanded him to resign as an MP, as he has no right to continue as YSRCP person after going against party rules and criticising the government.

The CID had submitted 46 CDs before the court, explaining how the MP had committed treason, also indulging in hate speech targeting some sections of the society provoking religious hatred among the public. Being a public representative, he has left out the welfare of the people of his constituency and was living in Delhi for 14 months, all the way participating in TDP pro media channels to accuse the government. Refuting the opposition TDPs allegations that the government has been trying to kill him, Ambati questioned what is the necessity for the government to kill an MP in police custody. Rambabu warned of dire consequences if the TDP leaders continued their vicious propaganda against the State government.

Raghurama has violated the 10th schedule of Indian Constitution by toeing another party, betraying the party from which he was elected. Did YSRCP target Raghurama or did he intentionally targeted the YSRCP. The MLA said that leaving the people behind, the MP is only lobbying in Delhi and working under the direction of Chandrababu. He said that Raghurama has been using abusive language against the party leaders and wantedly accused state government during incidents such as fire accident in Antarvedi, idol descreations, which is a crime.

Right from Tirupati by polls to every election including ZPTC, MPTC, Municipal and Panchayat polls, Raghurama spoke against the party on which he was elected as an MP in 2019, also inciting the sentiments of people by speaking on  caste and religious matters. He questioned Naidu what happened to his stand, who back then had demanded to interrogate Raghurama in a case that is being handled by JD Lakshmi Narayana. Even in the Covid crisis all that Raghurama was doing was only targeting the state government with false allegations on oxygen supply, vaccination despite knowing the fact that the control was with the Centre.

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