Must Apologise For Sensational Comments on Kadapa People, Says Srikanth Reddy

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Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh government Chief Whip Srikanth Reddy said that Somu Veerraju's statements were unfortunate and hurt the sentiments of people in the region. Srikanth Reddy wondered if Veerraju's comments were his own or the stance of his party too.

He demanded an immediate apology from Somu Veerraju saying it was not right to call the people of Kadapa murderers. Speaking to media on Friday, he asked Somu Veerraju to clarify wheteher his statement was on behalf of his party.

"In the past, Chandrababu also used to call people in Kadapa goons and bullies. Those who speak like this should be ashamed and should read history books if they do not know the culture of Rayalaseema. Movies spread false propaganda showing factionism for the sake of profits, he said, adding that if one looks at the police records one can understand where the crimes are happening. 

He asserted that the original trait of people in Kadapa was to genuinely care and show immense respect for people. He also said  that Kadapa citizens were large hearted to feed others, even when they are starving.

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