Black Fungus Even Among Non-covid Patients in AP 

 - Sakshi Post

The Andhra Pradesh health officials reviewed Black Fungus situation and treatment being given to patients. The officials said there are 1,179 Black fungus cases in the state at present and 1,068 patients are being treated, 97 people were recovered and 14 people were dead. 

They said their investigations had revealed that Black fungus is seen in some patients who were not infected with COVID and added that 1139 patients were infected by COVID and 40 people were infected with Black Fungus without COVID. 

They said diabetic patients are being infected with Black Fungus mostly. The Chief Minister directed the officials to make efforts to make required injections and tablets available to those infected with black fungus. The officials said injections are being supplied by the central government and they were procuring required tablets and added that they are also trying to arrange alternative injections.

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