Madanapalle Double Murder: Chittoor Parents Killed Two Daughters Over Superstitious Beliefs

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CHITTOOR:  Extreme superstitious beliefs in India have often caused problems and led to bizarre outcomes. In a shocking incident that took place in Madanapalle of Andhra Pradesh, a couple murdered their own daughters in a pretext of sacrificing them to the lord.

The incident took place at the couple’s house in Madanapalle city of Chittoor district. The accused parents including mother Padmaja and father Purushottam Naidu allegedly sacrificed their two daughters after receiving a divine message from Lord.

The mother smashed their daughters to death with the help of a heavy object, being identified as Dumbbells. According to the parents, it was to be the end of Kalyug world on Sunday (24 Jan) and by killing off their daughters, it will ensure the daughters’ rebirth in Satyug (Golden era).

The couple works as Principal in a school. Their belief in such bizarre superstitions led to two daughters Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) losing their lives.

Alekhya was the elder daughter. She completed her Master's degree in Bhopal. While the younger daughter, Sai Divya completed her BBA graduation recently. Divya had her interests in singing; she also enrolled herself in AR Rahman Music School in Mumbai. But due to lockdown, she came back to Madanapalle.

According to the police report, the couple started acting odd, ever since the lockdown began. Even after most of the restrictions were lifted, the family stayed in the house. On Sunday night, when the neighbors heard loud noises and someone’s shouts from the house, they immediately called up the police.

Madanapalle Deputy Superintendent of Police Ravi Manoharachari confirmed that the couple was mostly confined to their house.

Upon reaching the house, the police found bodies of the two daughters. One of the girls was lying on the floor of Puja room. It was said that even her head was shaved off and her hair given as offering to the Lord. The other daughter’s body was found in another room of the house. She had red cloth over her head and Puja materials around her.

The police reported that initially the couple didn’t even allow them to take away the bodies. The mother asked them to wait for a day as they believed both their daughters will come back to life. After a lot of struggle, the bodies were sent to the Hospital for post- mortem.

The couple is now in Police custody and is being questioned. The police are also trying to investigate someone else’s involvement in the case.

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