COVID-19 Patient Wakes From Coma But Knows Unpleasant Truth About His Wife!

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LOS ANGELES: A US man by the name Lawrence Nokes (69), who was admitted to Carroll Hospital Center and intubated, woke up from the coma . He worked as a nursing assistant at Pleasant View Nursing Home at Mr. Airya, Maryland had tested positive for COVID-19. Soon after he was put on a respirator as he faced difficulty in breathing. After going through the treatment, Nokes recovered and came out of coma.

After removing the respirator, the first question he asked was about his wife Minnette. But unfortunately, Minnette his wife of 24 years had died on April 7, a day before her 72nd birthday. After Nokes was admitted to the hospital, Minnette had a fever and was feeling unwell. She was placed under quarantine but died despite. She was posthumously tested positive for coronavirus.

Nokes knowing about the death of his wife, called his children and grandchildren and told them what to do with his belongings if he died as he loved them so much. Finally, he also died on April 15 just a week apart from his wife Minnette's death.

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