Sankranti: Kanuma, A Thanksgiving To Cattle

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By B.Priyadarshini

Sankranti, the harvest festival is celebrated for three days (Bhogi, Makar Sankranti and Kanuma) in some parts of the country. Today, Kanuma is the third day of Makar Sankranti. The festival of ‘Sankranti’ is all about colorful rangolis, yummy recipes, family meetings, cockfights and needless to say about the filmy hungama that will be created during this season in Telugu states. Every year, we have grand releases for Sankranti.

The festival ‘Sankranti’ is very close to farmers and the third day of ‘Kanuma’ is celebrated with much joy and fervor.  India is a country, where cows are treated like Godly figures. Farmers decorate the cattle and offer prayers to the cattle as they are the symbolic indication of prosperity. Farmers treat cattle with love and respect as they share a very close association with them.

On the day of ‘Kanuma’, farmers give complete rest for the cattle. The procession of decorated cattle will take place in the villages. ‘Kanuma’ is celebrated as a thanksgiving to the cattle as they play a prominent role the farming.

Women clean their front yards and keep 'Ratham' Muggu. The reason behind drawing Ratham muggu is that 'Humans are like chariots and it is run by the Almighty'. People pray to God for peace and happiness.

In some parts of Telugu states, ‘Prabhala Theertham’ which dates back to around 400 years will take place in a much spectacular manner. The people of Godavarai districts follow the tradition of ‘Prabhala Theertham’ and they strongly believe that the procession of Prabhalu will bring prosperity. Every tradition we perform on the day of Sankranti is somehow linked with mother nature and ‘Kanuma’ brings all together on one strand.

As a tradition, people eat delicacies made out of black gram and in some parts, people enjoy the tasty recipes made out of mutton & chicken.

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