Filipino Woman Develops Labour Pain Mid-Air, Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Hyderabad Airport

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Hyderabad: A woman from Philippines delivered a baby girl inside a Manila-bound flight on May 8. The flight had to make an emergency landing at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad.

Reportedly, the woman was 35 weeks pregnant and her due date was three weeks away. However, mid-air the woman developed labour pain and the flight had to make an emergency landing at the Hyderabad airport.

RGIA authorities had informed in advance a team of doctors and nurses from Apollo Cradle who were present at the airport.

As soon as the flight landed, the team rushed to the flight and delivered the baby inside the flight behind the seats. As she was in her advanced stage of delivery, she could not be taken to the hospital or the airport for delivery. The baby's weight was 3.2 kg and is healthy.

Since sharp objects are not allowed inside flight due to security reasons, the umbilical cord was not cut off at the flight and later the mother and the baby were brought to Apollo hospitals in Jubilee Hills. The umbilical cord was cut at the hospital.

On Monday, the pediatric team of the Apollo confirmed that the baby and the mother are fit and can travel now.

This is not the first time that a flight has made an emergency landing at the RGIA. Few months back, a 40-year-old Filipino woman delivered premature baby mid-air. The flight was landed in Hyderabad but the baby did not survive.

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