New Delhi: A woman who was attending her brother's wedding was not to pleased when the bride wanted a black flower girl.

Apparently the racist woman wanted her daughter to be the flower girl and complained to her sister-in-law that the flower girl would not match the wedding due to her hair.

The woman did not hold good views about black hairstyles and said they looked out of place, yet she herself turned up with braids on the wedding day of her sister-in-law.

Ironically, the bride thought of uploading her picture in on a Facebook wedding shaming group. She wrote: ‘The night before the wedding, my sister-in-law decides that she’ll do her hair in “box” braids because if the flower girl can, she can too (flower girl was not wearing them).’

The post now is deleted. But users had taken the screenshot by then and called the woman out for her actions.

She posted the wedding images with the caption, "So when my husband and I got married, my sister-in-law complained about the fact that I was going to have two flower girls.

The main problem was that her daughter and herself would not be the centre of attention.

She knew the other flower girl was black and kept telling me her hair would not match and would look bad in the photos (this was not in the presence of the little girl, if it was I would’ve ripped her a new one."

The now married woman said that she was pleased to find that the racist woman's daughter and the flower girl are hanging out together and that her mother's actions did not get into her.

On the post she further wrote that while the racist woman has often said that spending on weddings is dumb and is a waste. However, during the wedding reception, she announced that she and her husband would have a wedding next year to celebrate their twelfth anniversary.

She ended the post calling out her hypocrisy and said she would upload pictures of the event.

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