Hyderabad: It is Akshay Tritiya on Tuesday. The Hindus consider it as an auspicious day to buy gold and it is for this reason the prices shoot up on this day. We know that gold can never go out of fashion. That is the reason why investing in gold is a smart move and giver you higher returns in future.

We have listed below the reasons why you must invest in gold?

  • Investments in gold or other precious metals protect you from the risks of inflation. Experts have noted that gold has outperformed the inflation rate and has served as a hedge to inflation.
  • The annual turn of gold over 10 years has been higher than that of inflation, which shows that gold gives individuals a real rate of return.
  • Gold is highly liquid. This means selling gold is much easier than selling stocks in your brokerage account, or selling real estate.
  • However, not all gold can be liquidated. But you can also mortgage them for loans. Sometimes, banks and many other financial institutions provide loan against them in times of emergency. You can get a loan within a single day in most cases based on the overall value of the gold. Banks return it without damage after you clear the loans.
  • The other reason why gold is highly valued because it is scare and finite. With lower annual gold production and rising demand, chances are likely that it could be even more valuable.
  • Last, but not the least gold is an extremely easy investment and everybody can afford to buy it.

Nevertheless, one must bear in mind that gold prices can be volatile in short term and give steady returns over longer period of time.

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