A Nigerian man fulfilled his lifelong promise made to his father by burying him in a BMW car worth $66,000. The man, Azubike, had promised to buy a brand new car for his father but he could not fulfil it while he was alive.

In a bid to fulfil his promise, the bereaved man decided to turn the BMW Car into a coffin.

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Social media went crazy over the pictures of the funeral, in which Azubike, a resident of Ihaiala in Nigeria, is seen burying his father along with the car.

GidiTraffic, a real-time traffic update service on social media, shared the picture of the funeral on Twitter. Their tweet read: "Highway to heaven! Son ‘buries his father in a N35m BMW in Ihiala, Anambra!The man, Azubuike, promised his father he would buy him a car.Since his father died before he got the chance he decided to bury him in a BMW The brand new BMW cost Azubuike a whopping N35m."