Ganja Peddlers Sell Narcotic Substance To School Students in Zaheerabad

Zaheerabad police with ganja peddlers - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Three people were arrested for selling ganja to high school students in Zaheerabad on Tuesday.

According to police, the ganja peddlers had targetted students of Class 9 and 10 of various schools in the town and got them addicted to the narcotic substance.

On a tip-off over the crime, the police laid a trap and caught them red-handed while they were selling Ganja to students. In the preliminary inquiry, the police learnt that the accused Jameer Ahmed, Momeen Mahella and Mohammad Shanawaz were procuring ganja from Mannaekhelli of Karnataka.

Meanwhile, the police also caught hold of 45 students while buying ganja and informed their parents. The parents were asked to keep an eye on their kids activities.

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