How Overcautious Kim Prepared For Singapore Summit With Trump: Own Food, Own Toilet

North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un - Sakshi Post

Snigdha Raju

At the summit held in Singapore with Donald Trump, North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong Un has shown the world just how over cautious he can be by bringing his own food and portable toilet. And he does this everywhere, even within his own country.

The reason behind Kim packing his own toilet is to prevent the intelligence agencies from trying to glean information about his health.

Human feces can divulge information about diet, bacteria, and some health issues.

According to Russian newspaper reports discovered in 2016, Stalin regularly had his secret police examine the defecation of other world leaders in a secret lab.

Kim’s toilet caught in a picture

Besides carrying his own food to avoid poisoning, his squad of infamous bodyguards have been spotted jogging alongside the paranoid dictator's car amid fears he might be targeted by an assassin at his summit.

The transport plane he traveled in carried his bulletproof limousine. The ever so wary Supreme Leader also deployed decoy planes to confuse any air attackers.

Mr Trump and Mr Kim met for the first time in the five-star hotel Cappella located in the popular tourist spot Sentosa in Singapore on Tuesday, and had a 45-minute one-on-one discussion before being joined by aides and advisers.

This will be his longest ever trip abroad since taking command from his late father in 2011.

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