Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 2: Ganesh Gets 5 Votes In Elimination Round

Nutan Naidu and Sanjana Anne in Bigg Boss house jail - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 2: Ganesh Gets 5 Votes In Elimination Round: The Season 2 of Telugu Bigg Boss is already grabbing attention with actor Nani as host and the popular contestants in the Bigg Boss house. While the first episode of the show showed the entry of participants into the house, the second day was all about the interaction between the housemates.

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Sanjana Anne and Nutan Naidu are sent to jail after they are nominated for it by the housemates. The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 episode 2 started with with model Sanjana Anne expressing her distress to Nutan over being jailed on the very first day of the show and also about the presence of celebrities and comman man in the house. While speaking to Nutan, Sanjana says that she neither has any idea about Kireeti's filmography nor about Deepthi Sunaina.

Meanwhile, Rap Singer Roll Rida keeps the housemates entertained with his rap songs.

Sanjana interacts with Deepthi Sunaina and asked her about the Banana trolls on social media.

Nutan Naidu is released from jail after contestants offer a chance to evict one of them from the jail.

The first task of the show starts with a post box where the Bigg Boss asks participants to take a letter from the box and sit in the living room. As per the instructions given by Bigg Boss, the contestants were asked to read the letter aloud. However, many of them realise they have got blank letters.

Tanish gets the task of filling water in a bucket from the swimming pool with a teaspoon while Samrat's letter says he's the next captaincy contender. Kaushal gets a jail free card which could be used to free a participant from the jail. However, he says he would keep the card for himself. He also apologises to Sanjana for not freeing her with the jail card.

Nutan gets a letter directing him to put all the pants in the storeroom including the one he is wearing.

Meanwhile, Anchor Shyamala is called to the confession room to nominate housemates for the elimination round. She takes the names of Kireeti and Tanish. The scene is then followed by nominations by other housemates who are given a chance to choose two people for  eviction.

Common contestant Ganesh gets five votes in the elimination round.

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Later, singer Geeta Maduri entertains the housemates with her Jigelu Rani song for which Roll Rida and Tejaswi shake their legs.

Watch this space for daywise updates of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 episodes.

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