Semi-Naked Thieves Create Ruckus In Bangalore

Men in underwear caught stealing late at night - Sakshi Post

Snigdha Raju

An underwear gang strikes Bangalore making people are scared and disgusted at the same time. Wearing only their undergarments, applying oil all over their almost-naked body in order to literally ‘slip away’ if someone catches them, they are a source of ruckus in the otherwise peaceful garden city.

This semi-naked gang of notorious thieves are on the loose, breaking CCTV’s and stealing things.

These criminals are also found to carry weapons to intimidate the victims. This gang has been found to be on the prowl wearing nothing but their underwear at late night in the Bannerghatta area of Bangalore.

Around 4 am on June 7, They were caught by a CCTV while they were jumping a compound wall of a house. According to a news report, a three-man gang jumped over the compound wall of the house on Bannerghatta Main Road holding machetes and knives. The police said that the burglars were probably reconnoitering the area, but did not attempt any burglary.

These burglars are infamous for having vandalized CCTV cameras in the area but have been caught on some.

The police suspect that the gang members may not be locals and may have come from other states. The police said that they are probing the incident and will soon arrest the burglars.

This is not the first time for the city as it has seen some perverts wearing bras stealing from a girls hostel last March. There also exist some ‘Chaddi Baniyan Gangs’ that prevail in parts of India committing crimes.

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