Hyderabad: There was a serious need for decentralization of power in the state of Andhra Pradesh, said those who participated in a round table conference at Sundaraiah Park on Sunday. They also suggested that the state High Court be set up in Rayalaseema. The Jana Chaitanya Vedika had organized the event which was attended by former AP Chief Secretaries IYR Krishna Rao, Ajeya Kallam and former Advocate General CV Mohan Reddy. Justice Eshwaraiah, Justice P. Lakshman Reddy, Justice A. Gopala Rao, Justice B. Sheshashayana Reddy and Justice G. Krishna Mohan Reddy also participated in the meeting. In 11 states, the state High Courts are not in the capitals, the group of Judges said. High Court in Rayalaseema is a fair demand, they added.

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IYR Krishna Rao said that the Andhra Pradesh High Court has to be built in the Rayalaseema region. We should not settle for establishment of High Court in the capital and the Bench in Rayalaseema, he added. Separate Boards for the development of Rayalaseema and Kalingandhra should be set up, he demanded.

The government had failed to take the views of other political parties on the matter of state capital, Ajeya Kallam said. It took 20 years to get a consensus on building a minor airport in Sydney, he recalled. Development is possible only with power decentralization, he added.