Snigdha Raju.K

Youtuber of Indian Origin Liza Koshy, and her boyfriend David Dobrik broke up in a surprisingly heartwarming video. Liza and David have been one of the biggest power couples of YouTube with 14 million and 7 million subscribers each.

Being one of the strongest YouTube influencers, they often appeared in each other’s vlogs and comedy sketches. But even through their satiric videos, calling each other ‘one of my girlfriends Liza’ and vice versa, their sweet relationship shone through. Their fans were heartbroken over this ‘relationship goals’ break-up.

They have broken up 6 months ago, but only told their friends 3 months ago, they said. People on the internet have been suspecting it as their appearances, posts and videos of each other were decreased, but have been dreading the news.

They even appeared on each other’s vlogs and Instagram stories, laughing, just a few days before the video was posted. In the video, they mention that there was no ‘fight’ that happened except that they’ve been getting distant because of work.

Here’s the full video: