WiFi dabba, a Hotspot based internet service provider is scripting a new revolution in internet connectivity, in India, where all one needs to pay is a meager Two Rupees per 100 MB of seamless data usage.

Y Combinator, a Bengaluru based startup has come up with this novel idea of providing data via small routers powered by fiber optics.

What is WiFi Dabba, How To Use WiFi Dabba Hotspot

WiFi dabba sells data as prepaid tokens through roadside Bakeries and Tea stalls at a minimal rate of 10 per 500 MB and 20 per 1 GB. “Dabbas” here are nothing but routers that can provide data at a speed to 50 Mbps in a radius of 100-200 metres. To use the WiFi Dabba , all one needs to do is just log in with a mobile number and enter the OTP sent on phone. Next, put in the key, and get connected to seamless browsing. As of now there are 350 such dabbas across the city of Bengaluru

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