It can get tough for football players of Muslim faith during the holy month of Ramadan, especially the ones who are preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. In the run-up to the most awaited sporting event on the planet, gruelling practice sessions tend to test players' mindset physically and mentally. It is a challenge to manage the preparation at a time of religious significance.

In a recent practice game ahead of the World Cup, members of Tunisia's national team broke their Ramadan fast on the sidelines of the football pitch. In the midst of the match, Tunisia goalkeeper Mouez Hassen faked an injury in order to give his teammates a chance to break their fast. Reports suggest Hassen deliberately faked his injury so that the players could grab a bite during the match.

Nabil Maâloul, Tunisian head coach, later confessed that the goalkeeper's deliberate act was part of a pre-planned strategy. He said, "We did this because we have many players who are fasting."

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Fans loved the goalkeeper's plan and they took to Twitter to make some interesting comments. Here are a few of them: