Snigdha Raju

This 9-year old utters things on a public platform that no 9-year old should hear, let alone speak. Her vulgar behavior online was attributed to being forced upon by her mother.

Lil Tay became infamous on the internet for being brat, doing things like denting her Rolls Royce to throwing money with a fellow controversial Youtuber Jake Paul.

The self-titled ‘youngest flexer of the century’ cusses and claims she’s ‘richer than you, richer than your grandma’. She posts pictures with her designer bags and claims she bought a Lamborghini at 9 years of age.

On Tuesday, she removed her Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, virtually disappearing overnight, without giving the reason to her followers.

Her social media hiatus occurred after videos of her mother and brother instructing her as to what to say surfaced. She was often seen flashing gobs of cash, starting feuds with other celebrities and showing off her high rise apartment’s views, telling her viewers that they don’t have it. A video of her smoking

Hookah surfaced and her brother later confirmed the same in a rash tweet.

In early May, it was confirmed that her mother, Angela Tian, had been fired from her job as a Vancouver real estate agent after Tay’s videos appeared to be filmed in as-yet-unsold luxury homes. Her mother was slammed for treating her child like a character, ignoring her development, encouraging delinquency and exploiting her for money.