Mumbai: A 41-year-old banker was cheated to to the tune of Rs 12 lakh by organizers of a dating website. According to reports, the man clicked on an online advertisement and got in touch with four people from the dating company, who offered to arrange for a date with a girl.

On May 21, the man clicked on the ad from the dating website, which asked for his name, age, city and other details. Soon after giving the details, the man received a call from Tanya, who claimed to be a representative from the dating website. "She said their company was offering a date with a beautiful girl and as part of the offer, they’d refund the money they charged for it after the date in a five-star hotel," the banker said.

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“They told me to pay Rs. 3.40 lakh in three separate installments. On May 23, I paid Rs. 1 lakh to an account under the name of one Shubendu Mandal. Then, I got a call from a woman named Mini, who brought another girl to the call, saying they’d be sending her for the meeting. On May 26, I paid Rs. 1.20 lakh. After this, they told me, they’d refund all my money if I paid Rs. 5.24 lakh,” he added.

When he realized he was cheated after paying Rs. 5.24 lakh, he demanded them to return his money. A man named Rushi called the banker and said the amount would be returned only after he pays some more. He even threatened to approach cops if the banker refuses to pay. The banker succumbed to the threat and paid Rs 2 lakh more.

“I clicked the ad since I was curious about it. After entering my details, they collected Rs. 12.55 lakh in installments. I hope the police will arrest them and get my money back,” said the banker.