Telangana Man Sends 9 Paise Cheque To Modi To Protest Fuel Hike

Representational image - Sakshi Post

Fed up with the rising prices of fuel, a Telangana guy sent a 9 paisa cheque to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It may be recalled that the petrol price was hiked to Rs 80.76 per litre in Hyderabad on May 20 and then the price saw a slight slump to 9 paise after public protest.

This sudden change in the petrol and diesel prices irked a man, Chandu Goud from Rajanna Sircilla district of Telangana. Chandu handed over a cheque for 9 paisa to district collector Krishna Bhaskar during Praja Vani campaign which was proposed by the Modi government. He also requested the collector to ensure him that the cheque reaches prime minister's relief fund.

Amidst the wide protests across the country over the hike in fuel prices, this man's cheque to PM has created quite a sensation across India.

It is a known fact that Telangana government collects 35.2 per cent VAT on the fuel prices which further increases the price of petrol and diesel. Apart from commuters, the rise in the prices also hit farmers in the country, who are gearing up for agricultrural activity in the monsoon season. It is worth mentioning here that ploughing the lands with a tractor consumes a huge amount of petrol and diesel, which further increases burden on the farmer.

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