Your Love Life This Week...Panditji

Love Horoscope - Sakshi Post


You will not be disappointed. Your hunch about your partner will prove you right in the long run. Your tested, old friends, will serve you in good stead. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve.


Learn to take things in your stride in relationships, instead of being judgmental. If you step back and look at your situation, it's a fun time to build on your relationship should you choose to do so. Your indecision alone is holding things back. If you're a student you might tend to get distracted by an ongoing relationship, but patience is the key.


If you're planning to speak your heart, this is the time. A big surprise is in the offing--keep your heart and mind open. Minor health niggles will pose problems.


This is a learning curve for you. If you feel let down by people you trusted, remember, it's not your fault. You need to pull yourself together and move on. Remember, this is a passing phase.

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Go out with your partner or plan a vacation. The only thing standing between you is spending more time together. Stop postponing things. Follow your gut instinct when it comes to making important decisions.


Rebuilding a relationship is more important than dwelling on its inadequacies. Remember it takes two to make things work. Mistrust is a dangerous element in any relationship and the sooner it is banished the better.


If a secret is out in the open and hurts you, it's about time you stopped thinking about it. Your love life is beginning to affect your work, which is not a good thing.


Pause for a moment before you take an all-important decision. You may not always be the best judge of a situation or a person. You could do with some advice which is coming your way.


It's not luck alone which has helped you get on in a relationship. Remember, both you and your partner have invested a lot in making things work. Don't let family differences come in the way of your togetherness.


Your happy-go-lucky attitude to your partner has helped you get over some difficult phases in the past. Learn from that. Remind yourself that you have wings and you can fly. Then, see your love life blossom.


People around you aren't always the best ones to judge your situation. You need to move on and learn to let go. Brooding on the past is not a solution.


If you've had a dull phase, don't worry. It could have been a lot worse. The roots of your bitterness lie in concealed anger. You need to recognize that and not push it under a psychological carpet which makes you look confident and in control of things.

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