Expelled Telugu Desam leader from Telangana, Motkupalli Narsimhulu fired a fresh salvo at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu asking him to take an oath upon Lokesh stating that he (Narsimhulu) had indeed coveted posts. Narsimhulu said that the AP CM was indulging in false propaganda on this subject and clarified that he had never sought any post. On the contrary, it was Chandrababu who sold Rajya Sabha seats for crores of rupees. Motkupalli said--"Why would I ask him for a governor's position? Is he a prime minister?" He stayed back in Telugu Desam only because he was a loyalist of NTR and not because he wanted positions for himself. He also said that while Chandrababu treated him shabbily in spite of his loyalty and seniority, NTR had great regard for him.

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Addressing Chandrababu, Motkupalli said that NTR himself had described as someone who stabbed him in the back. This was the same man who sought refuge in TDP after getting defeated on a Congress ticket. "You stole NTR's party flag from him," Motkupalli said. He also described Chandrababu Naidu as a thief who didn't get caught or one that got away ('dorakani donga'), whose life was a saga of corruption, conspiracies and misdeeds.