Accept Our Resignations: YSRCP MPs To Lok Sabha Speaker

YSR Congress Party MPs in New Delhi - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Seeking support to their fight for Special Category Status (SCS), YSR Congress Party MPs met Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and requested her to accept their resignations. The Parliamentarians met the Speaker at her office on Tuesday here. We have resigned for our posts in protest of the Centre's denial to accord the SCS to Andhra Pradesh.

Prior to their appointment with the Speaker, the group of YSRCP MPs gathered for a meeting at MP Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy's residence here. Speaking to media on the occassion, MP Vara Prasad said, "We have resigned for our posts to fight for the SCS, which Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu failed to achieve. He has ignored the interests of the state in pursuit of personal benefits. YSRCP has been fighting for the SCS from the beginning. Development of AP is possible only with the achievement of SCS."

MP Mithun Reddy said they will seek immediate acceptance of their resignations from the Lok Sabha Speaker. "We are hoping for the Speaker's aceeptance of our resignations. YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is working hard for the prosperity of the people of the state. Chandrababu took U-turns by changing stances frequently. We are ready for bypolls.," he added.

Chandrababu Doesn't Care For The Interests Of The State: MP Avinash Reddy

"We have been fighting for the implementation of the promises made during bifurcation from the beginning. We have staged a Hunger protest after resigning from our posts on April 6. We asked for the resignations of the TDP MPs, which would have made our case for the SCS stronger with all the 25 seats. While Chandrababu ignored the interests of the state, we have been fighting for the SCS since four years. We will request the speaker to accept our resignations," Avinash Reddy said.

TDP Scared Of Facing Defeat: YV Subba Reddy

MP YV Subba Reddy said the YSRCP MPs resigned in the interest of the stae and that it would mean an insult to the people of Andhra Pradesh if the Speaker does not accept the resignations. "We demand for immediate acceptance of our resignations. We are ready for the bypolls. Chandrababu is scared of facing defeat and that is why the TDP MPs did not come forward with the resignations," he added.

Ready To Go Any Distance For SCS: Mekapati

MP Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy said the YSRCP MPs have sacrificed their posts for the SCS and that they will seek acceptance of their resignations from the Lok Sabha Speaker. "We are ready to fight to any extent for achieving the SCS for Andhra Pradesh. The ruling party is scared of facing bypolls hence their MPs have not resigned. Chandrababu is in a panic state with the progress in Vote for Note case. People from all parts of the state are ushering in huge numbers for YS Jagan's Praja Sankalpa Yatra on daily basis. Chandrababu is an oppurtunist politician, who allies with BJP and the Congress for his political benefits," the Parliamentarian added.

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